AMP Education provides independent eLearning consultant services to Australian businesses in all areas of workplace training and development.

Our aim is to develop high quality eLearning courses tailored for each company's needs. We achieve this by using sound Educational pedagogies and work closely with subject matter experts to create courses that are specific to your needs.

We consult on learning strategy, planning and implementation as well as developing eLearning courses to run on your website, LMS or mobile devices.

Anne Pead


AMP Education is an independent eLearning Consultancy business, based in Melbourne.

Anne has worked in a variety of learning institutions globally, and has held an Education degree for over 18 years. Anne holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, and brings years of Professional experience from a career in the IT and Education sectors. She is a thorough and successful trainer, skilled in Adult Learning techniques.

AMP Education leverages current technology to enable companies to reach all employees with meaningful, consistent and competency based training.

For details on what we do and how we can help your company broadcast consistent and meaningful training, have a look at our Services page.


Instructional Design is the practice of creating “instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing.” *

AMP Education offers the following Instructional Design Services:

  • Workplace training and development consulting and planning
  • eLearning strategy planning including Training Needs Analysis
  • Train the trainer courses/workshops
  • Training Documentation assessment and planning
  • eLearning course development, creation and implementation

* Merrill, M. D., Drake, L., Lacy, M. J., Pratt, J., & ID2_Research_Group. (1996). Reclaiming instructional design. Educational Technology, 36(5), 5-7. http://mdavidmerrill.com/Papers/Reclaiming.PDF


The benefits of eLearning:

  • Consistent quality - A consistent and accurate course available to all employees
  • Flexible Access - Courses are accessible from anywhere at any time and employees can work at their own pace
  • Reduction in cost and time - (if previous delivery method was face-to-face training over multiple sites) - this reduces your carbon footprint and reduces company costs in travel and other associated expenses while increasing financial gains by improving employee skill sets and productivity
  • Reduction in face-to-face training, allowing employees more time on other duties
  • Increased Productivity - ensuring employees have the necessary skills and tools to enhance their performance with quality training

When companies implement new software, systems or processes (often at great cost) but fail to provide quality training for their employees, then they have failed to plan for success.

Placing a value on training employees ensures that ALL employees are competent in the skills and compliances necessary to perform their roles at an optimum level. Lack of training allows gaps in knowledge and skill to creep in and can lead to inconsistent performance and a lowering of skill-sets. In addition to this, it brings down the performance of any new time and/or money saving processes or systems you have in place; if employees don't know how to work the processes properly, they will usually be doing it in a 'less efficient' way.


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